Here’s a review of our New Release ‘D.O.R./If It Ain’t Broke’ by SONIC ABUSE.

“Short but sweet, this three track single from Steroid Freak Pussy is a riotous, adrenalin-fuelled ride through post-guns ‘n’ roses territory with a healthy (or should that be unhealthy?) dose of Motorhead thrown in for good measure. Essentially music to ride motorbikes too, ‘D.O’R’ starts quiet but quickly shrugs off any pretensions to subtlety when a throbbing bass comes charging in with all the force of Duff McKagan wielding an exocet missile. It’s all here, the whiplash solo, the gruff vocals backed with plenty of harmonies, the pounding drums – nothing particularly original, but delivered with a ferocious verve that marks SFP out as one of the better acts to be toeing this particular line, particularly as so few bands seem able to deploy this level of energy.

Of the remaining two songs, ‘if it ain’t broke (we’re going to break it)’ opens as a sleazy, full-tilt monster before upping its own tempo for a track with a healthy dose of power and a swaggering attitude that perfectly suits the band’s whiskey-soaked riffs. ‘Genosha’ (this double A-side single’s exclusive b side) is a more sympathetically written ballad that takes a single acoustic guitar and massed vocal harmonies to great effect, only adding in bass as the song progresses. It’s a brave move – most rock bands preferring kitchen-sink-style production than such a naked approach – and it does much to underscore the fact that SFP are actually excellent musicians and songwriters and not just leather-clad gunslingers with a bottle of whiskey in each hand and a fag hanging from their lips.

With some sweet artwork, decent production and plenty of attitude there is no doubt that if old school rock ‘n’ roll is your thing then Steroid Freak Pussy are set to become your new favourite band. With blazing riffs, decent songs and memorable choruses, the band are well worth checking out.”

View on the Sonic Abuse Website here –


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Tommy shares his wisdom on Recording, Hulk Hogan, Appetite For Destruction and Heavy Metal Synthasizers!

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It is with great sadness that we have to announce that the ‘STARGATE FESTIVAL’, which we were due to play in September in Kirkhamgate, has been cancelled.

The reason for this is the venue has changed ownership recently, and despite the promoters best efforts to convince the new owner to honour the event, it would seem that he isn’t interested in live music, so sadly it won’t be happening.

And efforts to move the event to another venue have so far been unsuccessful.

More SFP tour dates and news to follow folks!



Here it is friends of the Freak Pussy, our brand new site designed by the awesome people at  ‘Reflex Creativity Ltd’.

It will be the main place to catch up on all SFP news, as the whole ‘myspace debacle’ has shown us that ya can’t trust social networking sites not to pull the carpet up from under your feet and destroy/remove all your work overnight!

So this is our site, the way we want it.  It’s pretty basic at the moment, (and i’m still learning how to use the damn thing!) but keep checking for updates/tour dates (which at the moment…. if you live in Nottingham you’re in with a good chance of catching us live… you’ll see what i mean by that) and hopefully a merch store coming soon.

If there’s anything you want to see on the site drop us a line and let us know and we’ll do our best to get it done… or we’ll at least read the message and ignore it. Only kidding!

Anyway, thanks as always from your Friendly Neighbourhood Freak Pussy for checking out our stuff and generally putting up with us!

ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!